CT Benefits

acr_logoBlack Hills Imaging Center offers 64 slice CT technology to meet the needs of our physicians and patients. Our CT scanner is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), the gold seal of quality. We routinely offer low dose radiation techniques. Our images have the quality detail your physician relies on for accurate diagnosis. Black Hills Imaging Center is a calm and comfortable environment where our skilled staff take the time to listen to your needs and assure your questions are answered. We have close and convenient parking.

Physician Benefits:

  • Greater speed, higher resolution and exceptional detail
  • True 64 independent channels vs competitors
  • The 64 credit card-thin images are combined to form a spectacular 3-D view
  • Handles volumes of data vs slices of data
  • Full suite of applications to assist in examination of the head, abdomen, spine and chest
  • Automatic reformatting of images to obtain the clinical views you need to help make an accurate diagnosis
  • First-rate Medrad dual injector
  • Mindways Bone Densitometer (conventional system could not image hips)
  • Automated Pediatric capability vs manual
  • Customized patient reports